Michigan Chapter of the American Fisheries Society,



2015 MIAFS Annual Meeting

"Managing Michiganís Changing

Fisheries Landscape"

Bay City Double Tree Inn, Bay City, Michigan

January 19 - 21, 2015

The theme for the 2015 meeting was "Managing Michigan's Changing Fisheries Landscape". Fish and fisheries in Michigan are influenced by many dynamic forces, including the introduction and spread of non-native species, global climate change, and anthropogenic development of riparian zones. Fisheries professionals are at the forefront of documenting these changes and managing their repercussions for society as a whole.

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Annual meetings feature speakers from around the State who present diverse opinions on a wide array of topics. The President-Elect each year determines the meeting site and agenda; this process provides for continually changing themes and locations to meet the varied needs of the members.